Community Chronicle

The Community Chronicle – The voice of the communities of Karana Downs, Mt Crosby, Chuwar, Karalee and surrounding suburbs.

Our Club’s signature project produces a community magazine monthly, for distribution to approximately 4,500 residents and businesses in the local area.

The funds distributed by the Rotary Club of Karana Downs are from the sales of advertising space within the Community Chronicle. Without the support of the advertisers we could not distribute the funding that is raised.

Please support those who support the community and purchase your goods and services from our valued advertisers.

The Community Chronicle represents excellent value for money for advertising. Each copy is delivered to individual homes and businesses within the local area.


Advertising Space Charges are as follows

1/8th Page size (61mm x 43mm) @ $50.00
1/4 Page size (61mm x 90mm) @ $90.00
1/4 page size (1126mm x 43mm) @ $90.00
1/2 Page size (126mm x 90mm) @ $140.00
1/2 Page size (61mm x 185mm) @ $140.00
Full Page size (126mm x 185mm) @ $230.00

Prices are per insertion and GST is not applicable



For advertising, Articles or Delivery enquiries


By Post: – The Rotary Club of Karana Downs, P O Box 7062, Mt Crosby QLD 4306

DISCLAIMER:- Articles and advertisements appearing in the Community Chronicle are published in good faith on the understanding that the content is legitimate and lawful. Any opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the Rotary Club of Karana Downs. Consumers should make their own enquiries as to the suitability of products, procedures and suppliers.